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Innovation and Systems

As facility management specialists, we utilise technology and software to:

  • Provide reports.
  • Mitigate hazards.
  • Raise service issues.
  • Report and resolve safety incidents.
  • Determine the training and induction status of our onsite personnel, ensuring consistent service delivery, and driving workforce training.

The innovations in cleaning services today are mainly driven by technology. While we have been relying on technology for years now, cleaning businesses have only started adopting it recently.

Among the hottest trends in cleaning technology are data-driven tools based on the Internet of Things. They can provide managers with real-time information about the status of other essential items. Issues with supplies and hygiene standards are tackled via a dashboard where all data is immediately available.

Organizing day-to-day operations can be a head-scratcher, even for experienced cleaning business owners.

With several aspects of the business to manage, such as progress tracking, lead generation, and client billing, keeping things in order can be a real challenge.

The good news is that a number of software tools are built for these purposes, so you can handle your responsibilities with significantly less effort. From cost savings to better productivity and beyond, there are a number of tools to help you ace business management.

Our business profitability grows as your client base does, so it’s important to reach out to the right people armed with the right knowledge.

Lead generation tools have a ton of helpful features such as email finding, scheduling, and metrics tracking. You can easily manage your communications in the app and see what’s working and what’s not so you can create email templates and outreach campaigns that will win you clients.

Time tracking with GPS location capabilities is an indispensable tool for cleaning companies. You can easily view when and where your team worked throughout the day, as well as the projects that they spent time on.

Customer relationship management tools make communicating with customers and potential clients easier and more efficient, allowing you to provide them with the services they require.

CRM tools consolidate all the messages you receive across your communication channels. As a result, you won’t miss any messages, and you can easily revisit previous interactions. Another advantage of CRM tools is their automation capabilities, such as chatbots, knowledge databases, and ticket forwarding.